Kota tua batavia di jakarta wisata bersejarah

Last week, I plan to mall in Jakarta. with my friend from junior high school, a little reunion. Cause too happy meet my old friend, I do not see the clouds that have covered the capital, Jakarta. After hearing the sound of the clouds, I realized that it was going the rain. My friend wanted a trip to the kota tua batavia in Jakarta. She’s never been there. Each time asking for her boyfriend, was rejected.
Finally, after we talked, we decided to go to kota tua batavia using UBER. you can use the code uber lyaa52ue with chunks of Rp 30.000, – quite right if you can use the promo code or you can ride Transjakarta buses that stop in front of kota tua batavia just payed Rp 4,000, – cheaper is not it?
After ordering UBER, we sited the uber past the arterial roads of the city. unfortunately we fame a standstill. should we entered the toll. but fortunately, because, despite the heavy rain once, we can enjoy the sight of rain jams from inside the car. cool.
Arriving in the old batavia, the rain had stopped. we went straight to the museum to payed Rp 5,000 for adults and once entered. I can show at a glance the museum in the kota tua batavia.
museum kota tua batavia




   ribuan jendela



sepeda kota tua
If you tired or just want to enjoy the culinary luxury in kota tua batavia, I recommend to visit the cafe batavia in front of it. because in that place, selling a wide range of typical Indonesian menu.
Completion of the kota tua batavia, we enjoyed the corner of the building to take photos and go home. because it was getting late.
then, What are you interested in visiting kota tua batavia with buildings typical of this Dutch architect ?